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Please see the EVENTS page for the Bob P. Event
PHOTO Score sheet results of the RITC#2  8-7-16 event.
NEW - Online event evaluation form located on the EVENTS page.
Let us KNOW what you like and what you dont like. Folks need
feedback in order to make the events the best they can be. Thanks.
Congratulations to all of the NETA riders who competed
in the NATC Eastern Nationals.
"2016 RULEBOOK CLARIFICATION - One work event is required
and one event will be "thrown away" when calculating year-end
standings. The "throw away" is the event with the rider's lowest
place finish. If a rider does not compete in one event, that will be
their "throw away" event. Please review the rulebook for more
Please see the EVENTS page for Year to Date results
post RITC#2 event - updated 8-15-16
Meriden Motorcycle Club is looking for Checkers to assist
with the upcoming NETA Event on August 28th on Stantack
Road, Meriden, CT. Please bring along a friend, relative,
wife, significant other, etc. to help from 10 AM until shortly
after 3 PM. Worker sign-up is 9 AM and bringing along your
own transportation to help get out to the Trials Sections is
encouraged. Lunch and drinks are provided. Please contact
TrialsMaster Steve Nichols (203) 430-0168, Email: to confirm your willingness to help
make this event a success.